I have helpful ideas and would not mind helping a few new friends pursue their business ventures.

Harry the helpful hippy incorporated does not really need much cash. We don’t like the smell of money. Scientists can find fecal remnants and cocaine on most US bills in circulation. I will help you with your ideas for free until somebody decides that my time is worth money and decides to lavish me with dinero. You can feel free to send me as much money as you want thru PAYPAL at williamhbaker@gmail.com. Thanks for that!

I started as a SECURITY CONSULTANT. I knew a hottie with a couch who was having problems that were easily solvable by parking my 300 pound bulk on her couch most nights. By sitting on the porch and doing some gardening for her. By being a visible Grizzly Bear in her neck of the woods. She and her similarly terrified roommate were happy to have me sleep on the futon and cook gourmet meals for them and drink all of their vodka and scare off a metero-sexual boyfriend turned stalker/creep as well as keeping another un-neigborly menace away by marking my territory with my girzzley stink and scat.

My great friend is truly an Angel and I was happy to help her while I looked for writing work online and the security for rent thing worked out well for all three of us, all six if you count the devil kitties. EBONY I NEED THOSE KITTY PHOTOS HERE PLEASE!